Rediseño Wanabet por R. Franco Digital

Wanabet sports betting portal gets a redesign by R. Franco Digital

Starting this week, users of the sports betting portal Wanabet will see a new website design and functionalities, developed by R. Franco Digital.

With a cleaner and brighter style, the new page of Wanabet gives a simpler view of all the contents available, without losing any the website functionalities. This gives users a better experience thanks to a responsive design for different screen sizes.

Wanabet redesign by R. Franco Digital

Users will notice changes that improve profile options, and grants easier access to transactions, game history, account balance and responsible gaming. Navigation complies with all digital security certificates necessary to guarantee that the user’s data remains protected and safe.

The R. Franco Digital developers team have made important changes in the website programming that increase the loading speed for all contents. Navigation speed for available games has also been improved.

Rediseño Wanabet por R. Franco Digital

“We have improved the website UX, with a cleaner, more modern, intuitive and functional design”, according to Cecilio Santiago Alcalde, Brand Manager of Wanabet.

The new Wanabet website is powered by the same technology developed by R. Franco Digital for its clients and partners all around the world. The system integrates the powerful IRIS omnichannel platform for managing online gaming operations, with a versatile CMS that helps management of games, images, promotions, blog articles, news and other website elements.

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