Viral Scratch igame by R. Franco Digital

The contagious excitement of Viral Scratch

The R. Franco Digital game laboratory has created a new entertainment based on the scientific research against the most well-known infections: influenza, rabies or mad cow disease. Viral Scratch is a new virtual scratchcard game, where the player must find the most dangerous virus cultures to win the best prizes.

“The game system is very simple and fun. With a colorful design and appealing characters in the form of viruses, Viral Scratch is very entertaining. We are very proud of the originality of this development”, explains Miguel Ángel Lázaro, General Director of R. Franco Digital.

Viral Scratch has several game mechanics: manual scratching, automatic mode and turbo mode. It has been designed with a mathematics system that guarantees emotion and challenge. To this is added a responsive design in HTML 5, which allows its execution in any browser or platform.




Viral Scratch is composed of a card with nine zones that hide several types of viruses. Before discovering them, the player can choose the amount he wants to bet. To reveal the boxes, the player can scratch them by one, or all at once if the automatic discovery button is pressed.

If after revealing all the boxes there is a set of three equal figures, the game announces with an animation the prize, which will also be shown in the payment table indicated on the right side of the card.

In some moves there may be more than one prize, up to a total of three. In this case, the figures with different prizes will be highlighted in the payment table. The total sum of the prizes will be seen in the prize counter.




  • Game RTP can be modified using the game configurations.
  • Available in English and Spanish.
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