Roulette Royale by R Franco Digital

Roulette Royale, the first online roulette by R. Franco Digital

All the excitement from spinning the roulette wheel comes with Roulette Royale, a new development by R. Franco Digital for digital platforms that recreates one of the most famous casino games in the world.

The R. Franco Digital developers team created the design of a 3D European style roulette table, combining real sound effects with an appealing animation activated by each play.

“We improved the gaming experience adapting different combinations of bets and reflecting the multiple possibilities of winning offered by the classic roulette game into our new online version”, explains Miguel Ángel Lázaro, Managing Director of R. Franco Digital.



The game area of Roullete Royale is divided into squares numbered from 0 to 36. The player can make as many internal or external bets as he wishes, placing the chips over the numbered squares or intersections. Group bets can be made in columns, dozens, evens, odds or by color.

Roullete Royale also allows the user to save and remember favorite bets, repeat plays or set five types of special bets automatically.



Maximum global and individual bet configurable by the operator

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