Roman Double Up screenshot

Roman Double Up, a new game by R. Franco Digital

Roman Double Up brings together the simplicity of the coin tossing games, the excitement of gambling and the incremental rewards by levels.

In their travels and campaigns, the Roman Empire soldiers made this game popular throughout Europe. It was known originally as capita aut navim, “heads or ships”, because of the images engraved on the coin sides: a ship and a deity or an emperor.

The graphics, environment, settings and all the game elements have been developed by R. Franco Digital using 3D design tools. The music is original, created especially for this game.




Roman Double Up is a traditional gambling game of coin tossing, whose essential feature lies in the release of two coins in a circle, betting a quantity of money on the coin side shown after they are being thrown (faces or crosses).

Roman Double Up offers a variant of the traditional game: when the player wins a roll, it plays in an upper level, where the player can get a jackpot equal to the amount of the bet. The game has eight levels of difficulty.

The multiplier of the prizes increases as the game progresses until it is lost in a toss or until the maximum multiplier is reached. Once the maximum is reached, the multiplier starts again at the first level. The amount of the bet can only be changed on the first level.

Available in English and Spanish

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