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Introducing the new Mus online!

The popular video poker online gets a Spanish version with the game MUS, one of the most traditional card games in Spain, developed entirely by R. Franco Group. You can try it on the sports betting website WANABET.

From the design of the Spanish cards deck to the mathematics that enhances the luck and excitement of the game, everything has been created with originality for this edition of Video-Mus, a unique game in the world of online gambling adapted for a single player without losing any excitement and entertainment of the original game.

The traditional green carpet is ready to start: take your cards and start winning!

How to play

This version of the game Mus has four different rounds of bets: Grande (Biggest), Chica (Smallest), Pares (Pairs) and Juego (Total of 31 or more).

The player is given four cards and has the opportunity to discard one or more of them in exchange for new ones drawn from the same virtual deck. The player may discard all four of the original cards if he/she so chooses. Clicking on the corresponding card will change the status and pressing the ‘Mus’ button will discard the selected cards. After the draw (plus the discard if any) the game pays out if the hand played matches some of the winning combinations of the four rounds:

Bet to Grande (Highest Cards)
It is the first round of the game and the player wins when he or she gets four kings or three kings plus a knight or three kings plus a jack. Threes are equivalent to kings.

Bet to Chica (Lowest Cards)
Now the goal is to get the lowest cards. The game pays out with several aces according to the pay table. Twos are equivalent to aces.

Bet to Pares (Pairs)
This round will pay out if the player gets cards with the same value. There are four types of pairs:

  • Medias de figuras: Three of a kind: The jack or the horse or the king.
  • Medias de no figuras: Three of a kind: no The jack nor the horse nor the king.
  • Duples de figuras: Four of a kind or two pairs. Four of a kind: The jack or the horse or the king. Two pairs: The jack or the horse or the king or the pairs combination of these figures.
  • Duples de no figuras: Four of a kind or two pairs. Four of a kind: The jack or the horse or the king. Two equal pairs with at least one pair that is neither a horse nor a king.

Bet to 31 or more
Players get ‘Juego’ when the total value of the cards of their hands is 31 or more. Kings (and threes), knights and jacks add 10, while aces and twos add 1. ‘La Real’ is achieved by getting three seven and a Jack.


  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Try different RTP configurable by the operator, with a standard of 95.8


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