Match Machine igame by R. Franco Digital

Match Machine, the mechanism of luck

Turn on the lucky gears with Match Machine, an exciting betting machine where you can select your own combination of winning numbers. Feed the machine with your bets to discover the winning numbers.

Match Machine is a new game developed by R. Franco Digital, inspired by a retro technology aesthetic, where the numbers chosen by the player are matched with the figures chosen randomly by the machine for winnings and prizes.

“The graphic design, the game mechanics, the musicalization and the special effects reflect very well the steampunk aesthetic of Match Machine, an in-house development designed to create a very attractive and fun product for the users”, says Miguel Ángel Lázaro, Managing Director of R. Franco Digital.



Match Machine has four numbered cards, where the player can select six figures using the game commands in the form of arrows, dragging the numbers until the desired combination is obtained, or selecting the numbers randomly. It is possible to keep active one to four cards of numbers to increase the winning chances.

When placing the bet and giving the “play” button, six random numbers will appear. Match Machine highlights the winning matches on each card. There are two possibilities of winning: winning numbers by position, from left to right, and winning numbers in any order.


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