Koi Keno game by R. Franco Digital

Koi Keno, an orient-inspired game

Created more than two thousand years ago and popularized in the western world during the 19th century, the famous Chinese game known as keno has a new online version developed by R. Franco Digital. Koi Keno, give players the opportunity to choose up to ten numbers in each bet, to exponentially increase their winning options.

“Our version of keno for digital platforms is inspired by the Japanese ornamental ponds, where the famous koi fish lives, in a tribute to the oriental culture that created this well-known game”, explains Miguel Ángel Lázaro, Managing Director of R. Franco Digital.

This type of game is the first to be developed by R. Franco Digital’s team, as part of new creations that explore different forms of entertainment in the online gambling sector.




The player can choose between 1 and 10 from the 80 numbers of the keno board, distributed in the form of lotus flowers. Before starting the game, it is possible to select the price of the card, adjusting the amount of the bet, which also increases the table of prizes.

Once the numbers are selected and after clicking on the play button, the game begins while an animation of lotus petals marks the winning numbers. The animation of the blooming lotus indicates every win. If there are prizes, they are distributed in real time.



Koi Keno has ten different prize tables. Each corresponds to a number of numbers chosen by the player. The prizes for each number of wins can be adjusted by the operator, which also modifies the percentage of return.

Game RTP can be modified using the game configurations.

Available in English and Spanish.

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