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IRIS Platform: a burst of advantages for all gaming operators

Within the digital platform’s market for online gaming and betting businesses, IRIS is an ideal choice for those companies who wish to enter the market, or for those looking for an open solution that allows them to integrate different operations in the same platform.

IRIS Omnichannel Platform is a solution that allows operators to have everything they need at the same time, thanks to its innovative open and omnichannel architecture for microservices and its interoperability through APIs, allowing online/offline transactions with gaming and sports betting terminals.

In a market increasingly closed, where the operator’s platforms are limited to respond only to their own services, IRIS can serve as a complementary platform for those businesses that already work with other gaming operators. This is especially useful in emerging markets, where platforms need to escalate independently to connect with platforms from different service providers or give access to gaming and content services.

With the advantage of open architecture, IRIS allows the integration of other solutions without further conflicts. Throughout various stress tests, this platform has been able to become stronger, more reliable and versatile, increasing its compatibility with other systems. Its success in facing challenges in the market has been proved with the satisfaction of customers such as BetPlay, the first online operator in Colombia, which uses the platform for different digital gaming strategies in Latin America.

IRIS Open Omnichannel Platform is a distinguishing milestone within the iGaming platform market.

IRIS Advantages:

  • Fast integration.
  • Fast turnkey solutions
  • Compatibility with the best marketing tools: Optimove, Salesforce, Netrefer, etc.
  • Multiple payment options
  • Integration with different Gaming platforms
  • Own portfolio of successful Games
  • Functionality with Gaming and betting terminals
  • Certified in Malta, Spain, and Colombia
  • Best Vault on the Market
  • Operational services available for each operating sector

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